Pallets entering Antico warehouse


With a growing focus on health and nutrition and the meteoric rise of consumer cooking repertoires, Australians are demanding popular fruit and vegetable varieties irrespective of their seasonality and availability.  Retailers have become dedicated to meeting these consumer needs to improve customer loyalty.  We are dedicated to enabling this.

Consumer Demand and Supply

Over the years, improvements in transportation technology have increased opportunities to provide refrigerated importation of fresh produce from distant markets that would otherwise be unavailable to the local consumer.

We believe it is important to buy local product where possible, however, it is sometimes necessary to import goods to ensure consistent supply.   In order to service the growing needs of Australia’s wholesale and retail markets, subject to market access, Antico International imports key fresh produce lines directly to Australia from numerous regions including North America, Europe, New Zealand and the South Pacific, China and South East Asia.

Consistency and Standards

All imported fresh produce is required to meet strict quarantine and quality control standards. Due to our firm world class quality and safety accreditations, Antico International’s overseas Suppliers are required to hold internationally recognised Food Safety Certification.  We want you to take comfort in the consistent assurance you are dealing with a safe product of the highest quality that meet the standards required in order to supply the majority of our wholesale and retail customers.

Commitment to Building Partnerships

We have a solid history of forming strong long-term relationships with strategic international partners ensuring continuity of supply when local produce is unavailable due to seasonality or growing conditions.

Antico International also considers product traceability and sustainability as key factors in selecting these partners to ensure their standards are comparable to our own.