By offering this unique and comprehensive package of products and services, Antico International aims to help growers and suppliers identify and efficiently service market needs on demand.

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Based in Sydney Markets, Antico International’s warehouse facility enables us to service some of the ancillary needs of the local and interstate horticultural industry.

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Active Ripening

Temperature controlled dedicated avocado, mango and banana ethylene ripening rooms are also available on-site and for use six days a week.

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Retail & Consumer Ready Packing

Antico International has the facility to manage and deliver both locally and internationally sourced products in multiple packaging solutions.  Our fully trained staff draw on their industry and product expertise to advise and recommend tailored solutions appropriate to each order.

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Programme management solutions such as storage, distribution and total supply chain processes are the way of the future for the horticultural industry to ensure the freshest end-to-end product management on both a local and international scale.

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