Domestic Production

Antico International’s growers work tirelessly to establish a production base with suitable varietal selection and range in order to give a spread of production timing to support better sizing, quality and shelf life.

We have a long standing association with the Young District, located almost 400km south west of Sydney.   With access to over 1,400 acres of orchards, the town is famed for its cherries, first cultivated in 1878. From this time onwards, Young has grown to become the cherry capital of Australia and is recognised throughout the industry as being one of the finest stone fruit growing regions in Australia.

Cherries are just one of the many domestic fruits Antico grows.  Whilst cherry growing by nature is an intensive and specialist endeavour, often complicated by significant climatic risk, the foundations of the Young district supply is built on collective experience and knowledge, which spans five generations of dedicated and committed Australian orchardists.

Continuity of supply starts with fruit from New South Wales in November and merges with the long established Tasmanian region production beginning in December and continuing through to the end of February.

Fruit is picked early morning and cooled to 4°C within one hour of harvest. The cherries are then packed throughout the day in modern post harvest cooling and food safety accredited packing facilities and dispatched overnight to customers both in Australia and overseas.

Antico International strives to continue to grow and develop the Australian cherry category and our involvement at production level has become imperative in order to meet our customers’ needs for a committed and consistent supply of quality products.

Antico International also works with growers to produce the finest apricots, citrus, table grapes, pears and plums.