Antico warehouse and forklifts at sunrise

Our Focus

At Antico International, we recognise the need for complete flexibility and reliability in order to meet the individual requirements and specifications of our producers, suppliers and buyers.

Our commitment and focus is on consistency as well as adding value to your supply chain starting with the producer and continuing all the way to the consumer.

To achieve the most outstanding service for you, we’ll help you find the right mix of our range of services, which complements the nature of your product, manages seasonal variations and caters for your individual needs.

It is Antico International’s strong belief that every relationship is a partnership. Delivering key sales and distribution functions across a number of platforms, our focus is on the establishment of relationships that can be maintained based on long term commitments and mutually beneficial growth opportunities.

Quite simply, our focus is on delivering the best product and service that’s right for you. By doing this, you can deliver the same to your customers and consumers.