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Privacy Policy

Antico is committed to protecting your online privacy while you use our website. As a result, we have created this policy, which has been developed pursuant to applicable law regarding the collection and use of personal information in those jurisdictions where we do business, which law includes the law of the United States, Australia and Canada. We urge you to read the privacy policy in its entirety so you will understand all of the practices and procedures we follow relating to your online privacy. This privacy policy may change from time to time, and we will post changes on this page so that you can check back periodically to review them.

Specific Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy applies to all websites owned and operated by Antico and to any personal information collected by Antico. It is designed to inform you of when, why, how, and for what purpose Antico collects personal information from visitors to its websites. It is also designed to inform you about the types of information that is collected about you at Antico’s websites. Finally, it is designed to inform you about our use of personal information collected at Antico websites and to whom access to such personal information may be given. Our privacy policy is also designed to inform you about how you may access, amend, or delete personal information collected by Antico and how you may limit Antico’s use of your personal information.

On occasion, Antico’s websites are connected by “hyperlinks” to other companies’ websites. Please note that Antico is not responsible in any way for the privacy practices of other websites and suggests that you review the privacy policies of those other companies’ websites before using them.

What about cookies?

Antico reserves the right to use cookies in connection with Antico websites. A “cookie” is a persistent, client side hypertext transfer protocol file. Cookies are pieces of information that a website can transfer to a visitor’s hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Cookies help web surfing by saving visitor preferences and other information. The use of cookies is a widespread industry standard and thus many major websites use cookies. Most Web browsers are configured to accept and process cookies. You can configure your browser to refuse cookies.

Antico  uses cookies to store non-personal information, such as Language and Connection Speed settings, and to “remember” things like whether a visitor has responded to a particular element of a Antico website. Antico collects this information in non-identifying, anonymous and aggregate form to enhance the design of our websites and to collect general statistical information. Antico does not use cookies to access, trace or track any personal information. If you have any questions concerning our use of cookies, please contact us using the contact us form.

Opting Out

You may opt-out of having your personal information collected by contacting us by e-mail or regular mail. Please note that in order to fulfill certain obligations, we may need to continue sending you notices or other important information concerning any orders or services you request.

General Privacy Principles


Antico is responsible for your personal information under its control.

Identifying Purposes

Personal information is the information that relates to you, that identifies you as a customer or potential customer of Antico and that allows Antico to provide products, services and information to you directly. Antico asks for your personal information so that it can understand your needs, determine if Antico’s products and services meet your needs, inform you about its products and services that it believes may be of interest to you, or comply with the law. By providing your personal information, you consent to Antico:

  1. Contacting you;
  2. Verifying your details; and
  3. Using your details for marketing purposes.

Of course, you may choose not to provide Antico with personal information. However, this choice may not enable Antico to provide you with the product, service or information you requested or that could be offered to you.


By providing your personal information to Antico, you acknowledge and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Limiting Collection

Antico only collects the information that it needs in order to deliver products, services and information to you.

Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention

Antico does not use or disclose your personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected or as set forth in this privacy policy, except with your consent or as required by law. Your personal information is retained only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes or as required by law.


Your personal information is kept as accurately and completely as is necessary for the purposes for which it is to be used. You have the right to up date, modify, amend, or correct errors in your personal information by contacting Antico.


Antico protects your personal information by using safeguards that are appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. Each of our employees who have access to your personal information is informed about our privacy policy and procedures for protecting personal information.


Antico will make its complete policies and practices relating to the management of your personal information readily available to you.


Upon request in writing, either by e-mail or letter, you will be informed of the existence, use, or disclosure of your personal information and you will be given access to that information. Antico will assist any customer who informs us that they need assistance in preparing a request concerning personal information. You may also challenge, in writing either by e-mail or letter, the accuracy and completeness of the information and have it amended as appropriate, or request that Antico delete or correct any personal information contained in your file.

Challenging Compliance

You may address any challenge concerning our compliance with this privacy policy to antico@antico.com.au.